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Tech Tips

Use this comprehensive information library whenever you need helpful hints from car repair professionals. Whether you are a professional or a DIY mechanic, you’re sure to find the tips you need to insure a job well done. Click here to go back to the previous page any time during your search.



  1. Accelerator Pedal Bracket Problems
  2. '84-87 Accord - Head Gasket Leakage
  3. 86-89 Honda/Acura-no start
  4. 91-92 Honda/Acura-no start
  5. '92-'93 Civic, Accord - Water Pump Noise
  6. ABS Pressurization Failure after Bleeding
  7. '86-88 Legend-Low Charging Rate
  8. '82 Accord-Alternator and Battery Failures
  9. '88-91 Civic/Accord-Timers, Charging Problems
  10. Troubleshooting '90-'93 Accord Electrical System
  11. Troubleshooting '92-'96 Prelude 2200cc, S models Electrical System
  12. Dayco timing belt/kit replacement schedule
  13. 1995 Odyssey Timing Belt Replacement**
  14. 2.2L, 2.3L Accord Timing Belt Replacement**
  15. Ignition System Diagnostics**