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Use this comprehensive information library whenever you need helpful hints from car repair professionals. Whether you are a professional or a DIY mechanic, you’re sure to find the tips you need to insure a job well done. Click here to go back to the previous page any time during your search.

Air Conditioning

  1. Automotive Air Conditioning - Glossary of Terms
  2. Basic R12 to R134a Retrofitting
  3. Compressor Identification
  4. Preventing Air Conditioning System Failures 1
  5. Preventing Air Conditioning System Failures 2
  6. Why Replace the Receiver Drier?
  7. Inadequate Condenser Air Flow
  8. Condenser Comparison
  9. What Role Does Humidity Play?
  10. Parallel Flow Condensers
  11. Typical Air Conditioning System
  12. How to Diagnose Compressor Failures**