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Welcome to our What's New section

In addition to supplying professional grade Import parts, we’ve made it a priority of ours to remain at the forefront of improvements and new technologies in the Automotive Industry. Here you’ll find catalog information and how-to's, listings for new products, as well as links to informative articles from ImportCar magazine. Click here to go back to the previous page any time during your search.

05/08/15 15 Reasons Driving Is Better Than Flying (humor)

05/01/2015 Olympus Expands Domestic Coverage Again

Olympus has expanded their Brake Products offering to include Ford, GM and Chrysler coverage. A multitude of pad offerings as well as Premium and Standard rotors and drums were added. Additionally, Calipers, Hoses and Hydraulics round out the new offering.

Domestic Lines currently being stocked include: Brakes, Electrical Units, Shock Absorbers, Belts and Tensioners.

06/25/2014 Olympus partners with Remy

Olympus has partnered with Remy International(Delco Remy) to bring on their extensive remanufactured Alternator and Starter line. Remy has long been known as an OEM source as well as having broad coverage for any vehicle on the road. Olympus has broken out of our mainly import roots and will stock Remy's legendary domestic coverage as well as the import coverage we are known for. Whether it is a Ford, Chrysler or GM Olympus now has your starter and alternator needs covered all at the attractive pricing we are known for.

06/10/2014 Bosch Truck at Olympus Locations

Bosch has brought their training truck to our locations this week. The truck features a virtual reality tour of the latest in fuel injection technoloty and uses Oculus Rift headsets. It is a very cool presentation - in Alexandria 06/10 - Fairfax 06/11 and in Chantilly 06/12 - Come check it out!

04/12/2014 The Commoditization of Auto Repair

This is an interesting article/commentary on the state of Auto Parts and Repair. One of the important differences in dealing with Olympus is that we are staffed by trained, experienced staff. We know our parts, what will work on your vehicle and the various nuances involved with getting the correct products.

03/28/2014 Telematics Presentation

While at the annual meeting of the APA buyers group we saw a presentation about Telematics and what it means for our industry. A lot of the press about Telematics deals with the info-tainment side; GPS navigation, music, video downloads etc. The real issue is that with computer based vehicles we now have the opportunity to send ECU related information in real time. This means the potential to warn customers that their battery is going to go dead before it happens as well as the need for brake repairs lets say depending on mileage and driving habits. This can be a huge deal for the industry as long as the data being sent is open and not restricted to the O.E. network. We are already seeing legislative activity that is requiring that new vehicle purchasers first be told that their vehicles have this technology and second letting them know how that information will be used. This is a great first step and we hope to see legislation in the future opening the data stream from the ECU to all interested parties.

03/27/2014 Olympus Stands Alone

With the recently announced purchase of JK Auto Parts by the Uni-Select group out of Canada, Olympus stands alone as the only independently owned and operated multiple location auto parts supplier in Northern Virginia. Bigger is not necessarily better and normally customer service diminishes with these type of acquisitions. You can count on Olympus to continue to provide an un-rivaled level of customer care and service.

03/24/2014 APA Group Annual Meeting

We attended the APA Group annual meeting in Houston last week. One of the highlights was Mike Brown (Owner of Olympus) giving a presentation to the group on Saturday.

03/14/2014 Gates Water Pumps

We are proud to be offering Gates Water Pumps. We have made the initial conversion and will be building the inventory in the next couple of weeks. Gates combines their legendary quality with outstanding pricing to make this line work for everyone.

03/13/2014 Donald Cooper On Site!

We are exited to have Donald Cooper working with us today. He brings insight, humor and commonsense to issues that confront all business and most importantly makes us think!

02/28/2014 Fastest Moving Item in 2014 (thus far)

We were interested in looking at the top seller due to the very cold winter that seems to just hang on and on and the winner is: 252-2004 - Honda OE Specific Transmission Fluid.

02/24/2014 Honda Odyssey Touring Mounts

Back in stock - We have found a new supplier for these difficult to find engine mounts. The Odyssey Touring has electronic mounts that activate primarily during highway driving when the vehicle works on 4 cylinders instead of 6.

02/22/2014 Centric 103 Series Pads

Olympus is pleased to announce an important addition to our line of brake pads. The addition of the 103 Series allow us to offer you a complete range of price points to suit your budget. Although the 103 series pads are classified as an economy pad we are confident they will provide quiet effective performance.

01/19/2014 Right to Repair Legislation

Right to Repair legislation is an issue near and dear to Mike Brown the owner of Olympus. As vehicles get more complex the systems require more intricate manipulation of software and systems to complete repairs. It is imperative that manufacturers make the information necessary to repair these systems available and that is where Right to Repair comes in.

Olympus has been involved on many fronts pushing for this legislation; not only as a sponsor of www.righttorepair.org but additionally Mike has kept the issue at the forefront through his involvement with AAIA. These efforts have come to fruition and a 50 state framework has been agreed upon. Way to Mike for making sure that all Americans can choose where to get their vehicles repaired. More information here .

01/01/2014 New Cataloging Option

We invite you to check out the latest, greatest version of our online catalog. Listed on the left hand side of the Shop menu it is entitled Serach Catalog. This new version has an updated look and feel and provides easy ways to move between categories and vehicles. Additionally, it has been optimized for speed.