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Frequently Asked Questions

With our commitment to providing the highest quality Import parts comes a commitment to ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction. We’ve compiled this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as a service to our valued customers. If you have a question about our products or service, feel free to send us an e-mail or click one of the links below:

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What payment methods do you accept from overseas customers?

We accept payment in advance by money order or certified bank check from customers outside of the United States. Because each country has unique custom and shipping charges, we will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine the total cost of the item. Please contact us directly by the email inquiry form to start the purchase process. U.S. military personnel with APO zip codes or residents of U.S. possessions may check with us about using a credit card.

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How long will it take for my purchase to arrive?

UPS ground shipping is 1-7 business days in the continental United States.

We also offer UPS second day and next day delivery for an increased shipping fee. Saturday shipments are also available for an extra cost. Visit www.ups.com for information regarding transit time and package tracking capabilities.

UPS Transit time - for Origin information, enter Alexandria, zip code 22304.

UPS Track by Tracking Number - enter your UPS tracking number (sent to you on request)

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How do you determine shipping costs?

The total shipping cost varies with the level of UPS service requested. The charges are displayed on the check-out page depending on the delivery choices you make.

Occasionally we might have to take into consideration the size and weight of the product and adjust the shipping cost. On these rare occasions, you would be contacted via e-mail in advance.

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Can I get RUSH Shipment?

Yes, RUSH shipment is available. Shipping costs and delivery times vary with the order. Fo r more information, send us an email.

Our mail order department will contact you about your special order and discuss your options with you before the part is ordered.

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Do you have a catalog?

Our only catalog is our online catalog.

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What happens when I send you an inquiry form?

We generally respond to e-mails within an hour on business day during 9am - 5pm (EST). Mondays or the day after a holiday may take longer. The more information you provide about your vehicle and the part(s) you're looking for, the more detailed a response we'll be able to give you. In order to help you find exactly what vendor or part you're looking for, our customer service department may have questions of their own. It’s not unusual to have several rounds of e-mails before determining exactly what part you may need.

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What is a core and why do I have to send one back?

Core refers to the reusable part of an automotive assembly.

Many components of a vehicle can be remanufactured, reclaiming the usable portions of a part. This is a solution that provides the best value to the consumer and is environmentally friendly.

For example, the casing and pulley of an alternator assembly can be sent back to the manufacturer, repaired and reused in most instances. Steering rack and steering pump cases can also be reused.

In order to provide these in abundance, a value (core charge) is assigned to each unit. Normally these fees vary with the availability of the units, with rare or late model applications having higher value. We gather these cores and send them back to the manufacturer for retooling.

You will notice on the shopping cart and invoice that the core charge is included along with the unit price. When you return the old (core) unit, generally in the same box the remanufactured unit came in, we will refund the core charge.

After the repair job has been completed, either call or e-mail us and we will send you a UPS call tag for your core. Upon receipt of the core we will promptly issue you a refund.

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Why is it important to keep my foreign car foreign?

Attention to detail is the hallmark of the majority of foreign manufacturers It’s important to purchase parts that reflect the quality the manufacturer designed into the car.

In today’s market many products are available from many different suppliers. Many suppliers sell their parts under a single brand identity. Unfortunately, these brand names tend to obscure the actual manufacturer of the part. Recently, even the dealership network has begun to use non-original sources for their parts. Sometimes the off-brands are offered at cheaper prices than an original part.

At Olympus, we are committed to ensuring that the products we sell maintain the integrity of the original design and operation of your vehicle. For many product lines we sell only "country of origin" parts. This means that you will get Japanese parts for your Japanese car or German parts for your German car. We also distribute many lines from Original Equipment Manufacturers. We feature Akebono, Bando, Bosch, Continental, CTR, KYB, NGK, Denso, GKN, Tokico, ATE, Brembo, GMB, Mann, Boge, Sachs and many others.

Since 1977, our mission has been to provide only parts that restore the original design and operation of your car, and we will continue our search for the right vendors to bring you new lines of O.E. replacement and performance parts.

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Is it important to keep my foreign car brakes foreign?

Today, brake pads are available that are closely matched to the O.E. specifications for most foreign cars. To keep the assurance of fine-tuned braking, a specially matched pad is a must. ABS systems are particularly sensitive and if a replacement pad differs significantly in its friction measurements from the O.E. specifications, it could impact the ABS function. For example, a highly metallic aggressive pad might activate the ABS at a lower braking pressure than you're used to. (Counterman, August 2000)

Olympus carries several lines of matched O.E. specification pads. Akebono ceramic pads are O.E. for many Asian cars, ATE pads are O.E. for VW applications, Axxis pads are a high quality O.E. pad designed for extreme heat and performance, just to name a few.

When you purchased your foreign car, you made a commitment to quality and safety. At Olympus, we’ll help you keep that commitment.

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What's the meaning of VIN?

Every automobile has a unique 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), usually visible on the inside of the driver's door. The VIN is the DNA of your car, describing year, make, model, engine type, and other details which uniquely identify it. Often mechanics will ask you for your VIN so they can order the right part. It's also on your vehicle registration card. The following list explains the meaning each of the 17 digits and why the VIN can be so important to people working on your car:

1: Country
2: Manufacturer
3: Division of Manufacturer
4-8: Body style, engine, type, model, series
9: For accuracy check
10: Model year
11: Production Plant
12-17: Sequence of vehicle in assembly line.

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